Mobile Captcha

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  1. Can be done on Mobile / Desktop /Laptop
  2. It is called  Captcha work
  3. Earning for every 1000 captchas is upto$1 ( It is shown in software )
  4. Payment withdrawal as per company rules. Use Payeer (App from Playstore like Paytm
  5. One should know how to withdraw money from Payeer  ( like Paytm from Playstore)
  6. Basic of Computers is a must .Typing Alphabets , numbers or click on images.
  7. Demo is above in you tube. 1 time training . all faq’s in software . operate on mobile. freelance work .



Rs 1500 /- 


Paytm Available 



Bank Details

Bank Name                Indian Bank
Account Name           Shefali Dani
Account No.               427637321
IFSC Code                   IDIB000G008
Branch Address        Ghatkopar (east ) ,Mumbai
Account type             Savings 

Paytm Available 

Phone – 9769571199 or Whatsapp